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Beyond Measure
Fitchburg Art Museum
June 21 - September 1, 2019

”Worcester-area artist Carrie Crane creates instruments and graphic displays that seemingly seek to know the unknowable by attempting to capture and quantify the most elusive of things: the unseen, the unheard, and the forgotten. She synthesizes the visual languages of both the arts and the sciences to explore the territories between truth and fiction, analysis and imagination, and precision and extrapolation.”
Nick Capasso, Director and Curator, Fitchburg Art Museum

For several years now Carrie has been creating two-dimensional works that suggest ambiguous maps, graphs, and diagrams.  The natural extension of this work for her was to create ambiguous instruments of measure that might provide the “data” from which the 2D work would be derived.
The instruments, made from an assortment of found and acquired materials, despite their scattered origins, appear as functional objects. Each instrument leads to “data” and the accompanying 2D graphic analysis.

Gallery photo credit: Charles Sternaimolo. Detail photo credits: Will Howcroft and Carrie Crane.