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The Worcester area’s 4x4 Poet and Artist Collaborative got its start in 2008 when photographer Susan Sedgwick and poet Susan Roney-O’Brien decided to see if the other’s work could serve as a source of inspiration for their individual disciplines.  By 2009, photographer Dorothy Magadieu and visual artists Carrie Crane and Lisa Barthelson had joined them, as had poets Patricia Youngblood, Patricia Fargnoli, and Linda Warren. When Pat and Linda found distance and time commitments untenable, poets Dan Lewis and Clair Degutis joined the group.  Monthly meetings were so productive that they soon led to exhibitions and a name to identify the group: Dan suggested 4x4 and it stuck.

This book celebrates the adventure so far. There are not enough ways to thank our patient, accommodating and talented assembly savants Dan Lewis, Clair Degutis and Carrie Crane for readying it for publication, and Claire Golding for her editing.

For more information watch this interview with members of the collaborative on Arts and Ideas with Sue Swinand. https://www.youtube.com/user/loursvp
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